Patti Thomas – Part One: Mother’s Day

Our founder, Corey Thomas, is a second generation cannabis farmer. She learned the art of cannabis cultivation from her Mother and Step-Father, who’ve been in the space for over twenty years. This Mother’s Day we celebrate the mothers of the industry like Patti Thomas. We asked her to tell us a bit about her story and here is what she had to say:

Can you tell us a little bit about your background in cannabis?

“I was introduced to cannabis in the late 1960s. I was considered a member of the stoner group in high school. I was a shy and depressed child and cannabis helped me to break out of my shell. I guess you could say I was self-medicating, for today, I’d probably be prescribed a handful of pills.

Since the 60’s I have been a consumer and in early 2000 started growing this beautiful plant. I’ve experimented with edibles both in consumption and inventing new recipes. It helps me with stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. I’m a loyal fan of cannabis, she has been good to me.”

Did you ever envision a day when cannabis would be legal in California?

“Cannabis was a political rollercoaster up until 1996 when Prop 215 passed. Even then, it was still nervous times for us old-timers. Of course, I always prayed that it would someday be decriminalized for I saw many friends and family arrested and serve time. Even after 215, I kept my use and business on the down low. I’ve never really trusted the government, lawmakers or the enforcers. I think back to my early cannabis days and how paranoid I was that I would be caught with as little as a roach or seed. Now, I’ve attended cannabis events and see how casual it has become, it seems so surreal to me.”

What do you think of your daughter continuing in the business and developing Honey Pot?

“I am extremely proud of Corey. I am so happy that we as a family didn’t fit into the statuesque, we were opened minded parents and have had many conversations and experience to share. I have always recognized Corey’s talent, knowledge, and determination. She learned quickly and wasn’t afraid to put it into action. She had a dream and she made it happen.”

What are your favorite qualities about your daughter?

“I admire her courage, strength, and tenacity. Her curiosity to pursue new knowledge and techniques. The love she has for her business and her family. Her beautiful soul and the desire to help others.”

How do you like to use cannabis?

“I started with smoking flower and I must say… I still love a good joint. I became quite a good roller from the early days and love the feel and smell of working it in hand. Today, I enjoy the vape pens, their convenient and incognito. I enjoy cooking with cannabis and love to partake in the fruit of my labor. I use Honey Pot balm on my lips every night before bed to keep them from chapping. When I’m sore from working out, the cooling sensation of the Honey Pot lotion soothes my aching muscles.”

We also talked to Patti about her thoughts cannabis use for senior citizens, stay tuned for part two of our interview coming soon!