Patti Thomas – Part Two: Senior Cannabis Smoker

Part one of our interview with Honey Pot Founder’s Mother, Patti Thomas, told a bit of her story and history with cannabis. In part two we talked about her thoughts on senior citizens consuming cannabis.

How do you think seniors can benefit from cannabis use? What are the primary conditions you see seniors struggling with and what therapeutic benefits can cannabis bring?

“As we age our bodies have more aches and pains. No “Body” likes being in pain, so most seniors result in taking over the counter and/or prescribed pain killers, both having devastating long term consequences, often times resulting in continued pain and addiction.

Cannabis is a natural, effective, non-addictive herb, a gift from the universe that can be used in many different forms. Such as vape, for fast relief, edibles, for long term relief and lotions/topicals, for muscle aches and pains. It can be used for many different ailments from pain, anxiety, and insomnia plus they’re finding new information every day on the benefits of cannabis.”

What are the best ways to break through the stigma seniors may have around cannabis use?

“In my opinion “The Stigma” is a naive lack of information and social fear that was instilled by laws and government threats. Many of today’s seniors probably smoked cannabis in the ’60s and they somewhat remember how it made them feel good. As the Baby Boomers started families and jobs, the threat of getting caught, drug tested or going to prison, became too big of a risk and many of us gave up cannabis or were the occasional closet smoker. Most turned to alcohol or prescription drugs.

So now that the threats are gone, educating seniors about the benefits and that it is actually a preferred and less dangerous alternative to what we’ve been brainwashed to believe for over 60 years. Most of us have no idea where or how to start. I would like to see seniors have easy access with educated cannabis informed care providers.”

Do you think seniors are overwhelmed with the options available?

“Yes, I do believe that seniors are a bit overwhelmed. Over the years, with the stronger strains, oils, and edibles most entry or re-entry seniors feel its too strong. Stepping into a dispensary with all the new choices is a bit overwhelming and confusing on what to buy.”

What are some safe practice suggestions for seniors using cannabis?

“Start slow, ease into using cannabis. Make sure you are in a comfortable environment, where you feel safe. Don’t drink alcohol or drive while medicated. If you prefer not to smoke cannabis, edibles maybe the answer. Start by eating a 10mg dose, wait 1-2 hours before eating more. Edibles are a wonderful long term medication but can have a negative effect if eating too much.

Vape pens are a great alternative for instant relief. There is no smell and its great for those times when smoking a joint is not appropriate. I prefer the pens over inhaling smoke at my age.

I use cannabis medicinally for insomnia and anxiety. In the evenings before bedtime, I vape a few times to help me fall asleep and I eat a 10mg edible to keep me asleep. No more sleepless nights and I wake up refreshed with a great attitude ready to start a new day. ENJOY!”