The Chalkboard: 10 Stress Busting Products for your Chillest Holiday Season Ever

The Chalkboard Mag is a guide to living well. Launched by Pressed Juicery in 2012, the site brings their growing wellness readership daily proof that the wellness lifestyle can be a stylish one too.

This Fall they curated a list of 10 Stress Busting Products for the Holiday Season including Honey Pot cannabis infused honey. Here is what they had to say…

HONEY POT THC HONEY | CBD doesn’t require THC — the intoxicating component of cannabis — to deliver results, but a bit of it does help to maximize the healing power of CBD. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, give this cannabis-infused honey a shot. There isn’t too much THC, so a little bit of honey won’t send you over the edge — expect more of a calm, peaceful buzz, like what you’d get from a glass of Chianti. If you’re not used to THC, however, we recommend starting with a CBD-only blend and seeing how you feel before branching out. CHECK OUT

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