Leafly’s Top Female Cannabusinesses Owners

Honey Pot has made a great impact in the community based on the drive and passion founder Corey Thomas has brought to the table. Leafly, the largest cannabis website in the world, featured Honey Pot in the “Cannabis Businesses Owned by Women” article.

With over 15 million monthly visitors and 40 million page views across its website and mobile applications, Leafly uses crowdsourcing to generate reviews for consumers.

Here is what Leafly had to say:

“With a shelf full of Cannabis Cup awards for her edibles and topicals, Corey Thomas is one of the most lauded manufacturers in the business, as well as a second-generation cannabis farmer with over 20 years of experience. Recently, Thomas went through a complete rebrand involving all-new compliant packaging solutions for her Honey Pot product line, and now these popular items are back on dispensary shelves throughout California. One of the original makers of infused honey, the new bottles of Honey Pot include a measuring cup for precise doses of 10 mg of THC. Look for Corey’s Honey Pot lotions, honey and newly launched vape pens at dispensaries in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.”

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