Vice Broadly: The Best Weed Gifts of 2018 from Women-Run Brands

Broadly beautifully explains themselves as  “A platform for the hundreds of millions of us whose stories aren’t represented—or are often misrepresented—by traditional institutions. By centering the lives and experiences of women, gender non-conforming people, and LGBT individuals, Broadly provides a space for us to understand, express, and navigate our identities as we define who we are and where we’re headed next.”

Writer, Michelle Lhooq, made a list of The Best Weed Gifts of 2018 from Women-Run Brands, in which she lists our Basil Chamomile Vaporizer. Here’s her very kind words,

“Disposable vapes are as discreet and portable as regular vape pens—useful when you’re hanging with your crotchety uncle—except you don’t have to bother with charging batteries, thank god. Honey Pot’s vapes, infused with essential oils like basil and chamomile, are the most delicious I’ve ever tasted.”

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