Lonny: Is Cannabis Going To Be The New Wine Of Holiday Parties?

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This holiday Lonny asked Honey Pot’s founder, Corey Thomas, “Is cannabis going to be the new wine of holiday parties?”

Here’s some of what she had to say…

“The end of prohibition has opened the door for people to consume cannabis around their families or at least start the conversation,” explains Thomas. “There is more education and information available, more people are understanding the benefits, and more of the older generation is consuming. Something that was considered taboo just a few years ago is now legal, that changes a lot of opinions and can even change relationships.”

“There were more gift sets available in California this year than I have ever seen before with really beautiful packaging and products,” shares Thomas. “You can buy a flight of eighths in a beautiful wood box, or a selection of pre-rolls in a box that looks like a present. It’s wonderful to see how accessible cannabis products have become, we’ve come a long way from sandwich baggies and turkey bags.”

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