Dope Magazine : Cannabinoid-Based Skin Care

DOPE is an acronym that stands for Defending Our Plant Everywhere—which is exactly what the team at DOPE does, day in and day out. DOPE Magazine was founded in 2011 and put the inaugural issue in the hands of HEMPFEST attendees in Seattle. Their magazines can also be found in hundreds of medical and recreational shops around the United States and this month they featured Honey Pot Topicals in a beautiful full page review. Here’ s what writer Melissa Hutsell had to say:

“Honey Pot’s non-psychoactive topicals make bare skin feel amazing. Lotions and balms made with all-natural ingredients deliver cannabinoids directly where needed.

Second-generation cannabis farmer Corey Thomas founded Honey Pot Products in 2012. The company now partners with Monterey-based Greenfield Organix to manufacture the California-compliant products. Their formulas are based on a family recipe passed down to Thomas by her mother, with the addition of her own ingredients. The multi-award-winning topicals have been featured on Netflix’s “Disjointed,” VICELAND and in the Oakland Museum.

Balms and lotions are infused with THC or a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Lotions contain locally-sourced wildflower honey, organic apricot kernel, sunflower oils, shea butter, and aloe vera. All products are imbued with vitamin E and essential oils.

The topicals’ scents are seemingly layered; first comes subtle, soothing eucalyptus; after application, the sensation of peppermint is most apparent. Gentle and versatile, they’re perfect for intoxicating massages, moisturizing chapped lips or easing tension headaches. Rubbing onto swollen joints, sore muscle or temples provides immediate relief. Bonus: no greasy hands or overwhelming aromas that linger!”